Who We Serve

The Porter House KC focuses on two groups of business owners: 

In general, our entrepreneurs are in the urban community, and are primarily minority individuals seeking the knowledge, support and skillset to start, grow, or transition their businesses to the next level. 


• Individuals looking to start a business, Start-up’s & New Product Launchers – This business segment can rarely afford the cost of starting up a business let alone a standalone facility, the resources needed to sustain a business, or the general business education needed for business creation or development. Porter house believes that this is an overlooked market segment and that we could provide an invaluable service to these targeted populations. 


• Existing Small Businesses - These companies are 0-2 years old, and have already reached some limited success and are planning to expand their operations. Perhaps the success of their product or service is only hiding problems in the operation that will emerge as greater pressure is placed on the company performance. Each stage of growth in a company presents challenges that can hurt its performance and success. Porter House can provide these companies a focused approach that is responsive to unique client demands, assisting them in achieving their future goals.

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