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As a small business owner The Porter House has always brought interesting fresh and new ideas on how to present information to business owners especially to those thinking of going in business in order to further us along. I am so appreciative of an organization like them doing things like this because a lot of us start off in business without the proper knowledge or education so with what Porter House is doing is SOOOO needed & greatly appreciated. I will continue supporting them the best I can - Miko Richardson Owner Shots By Miko

We spend so much time celebrating entrepreneurs that we sometimes forget that they need knowledge to grow and be great. I'm really glad that Porter House KC is here to fill that gap for those who might otherwise not understand what they need to do to be successful!


The Porter House has done an absolutely phenomenal job bringing together early stage entrepreneurs with the knowledge resources needed to help them grow! Every community needs a "for us by us" resource that the business owners can relate to, and for me, Porter House has done a great job providing that relatable mentorship. It's a lot easier for some of these minority business owners to take the advice they are receiving when they know the person telling it to them has faced the same challenges and struggles they have, and is giving them advice with their situation in mind. 


You need grassroots, on-the-ground, educational resources like the Porter House or your minority entrepreneur community will not thrive...plain and simple. When you're a minority starting a business there are a million ways to die... some resulting from cultural norms, some resulting from what you THINK you know, and some by what you don't know. Porter House has become an absolutely essential resource for KC because they bring in seasoned entrepreneurs who understand both the mindset and the challenges of these entrepreneurs, and can get through to them on a level most can't. - Eze Redwood Wings Cafe 



Entrepreneurs have a lot stacked against them as do underserved populations. Being an underserved entrepreneur it's an enormous uphill battle and Porter House KC is one of the best examples in Kansas City of how to support those individuals. Our community is so lucky to have an organization like PHKC which I can only hope will continue to grow - Adam Arredondo KC Startup Foundation

The Porter House KC is a vital organization in Kansas City providing access to business professionals and their resources to the urban core/underserved business community. Dan Smith and Charon Thompson are dedicated to their commitment of being the “Porter” bridging the gap amongst these entities. I’ve had the pleasure of being a speaker at their monthly speaker series event, and these two guys are selfless and sacrifice a lot of time, willingly, to ensure their attendees leave full of knowledge in a friendly no judge zone environment. If you haven’t attend one, I challenge you to do that no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey or if you’re another professional wanting to meet and connect with others like yourself. They genuinely want to see you succeed as it’s confirmation their work is not in vain. - Shakia Webb AVP UMB

I support the Porterhouse KC because they’re providing the opportunities and knowledge for our under-resourced entrepreneurs. This years inspirational topics, for me, have been eye-opening and motivational. I want to continue supporting PHKC because it create intentional collisions that’ll create new opportunities for those who have been overlooked. - Davin Gordon Alt-Cap

I was exposed to Porter House KC about a year ago and immediately became a fan! The resources provided & commitment to serve the community are second to none. Their monthly entrepreneur series   Is an engaging way to educate, inform and inspire the startup community of KC. I highly recommend this organization and am a proud supporter! - Reggie Gray Executive Director of Black Privilege

The work Porter House KC is doing to revitalize urban core communities through entrepreneurship is critical to the Kansas City economy, and the urban communities they serve. Entrepreneurship has been shown to be a pathway to prosperity, a key community building tool, and a tool that benefits the entire city, state and national economy.  The Porter House’s strategic approach to leveraging retail entrepreneurship opportunities is very important. It will be able to demonstrate visible wins in the community, and provide a platform to expand to supporting other firms.  I am very encouraged by what the Porter House is doing in Kansas City. - Dell Gines Senior Community Development Advisor