How we serve

Speaker Series Events

We host monthly PHKC Speaker Series sessions, where we present consummate professionals in various areas of entrepreneurship to provide insight into the needs in starting, maintaining, and growing a business. In these sessions we have had topics such as small business law, accounting, marketing/branding, and meditation. Our goal in these sessions are to expose important parts of business development to an audience whom traditionally may not be able to receive these important lessons on entrepreneurship due to various barriers. In limiting barriers, we set our sessions up to be, once a month in the evenings, we provide food, and host each session in an accessible location in the city. We provide a space that is comfortable and full of likeminded individuals, doing this provides a less intimidating environment allowing an opportunity for a segment of our entire population to feel “apart”, with understanding that we are all have similar goals and we can achieve them together better than apart. 

Small Business Consulting

The Porter House KC team works with various support organizations around the city of Kansas City that are experts in specific areas of entrepreneurship. We don’t claim to have all the answers, however we do claim to have a family (network) of professionals whom are experts in various fields of entrepreneurship including, small business law, marketing/branding, financial supports, accounting, among other mediums. We do sit down with entrepreneurs and provide insight based off of what the current/future landscape is, and we find ways that our network can assist small business owners. We would love to connect so please subscribe to our newsletter, and message us! You can also follow us on our social platforms @theporterhousekc. Looking forward to hearing from you!