Small Business Development Program

The PHKC Small Business Development program is a fifteen-week course designed for those who are starting or growing their businesses. It will challenge you. It will inspire you. It will force you to confront your limitations and help you identify and develop your strengths. You will be exposed to new information and you will be reminded of what you already know. You will be asked to work hard inside and outside of class. You will be asked to think abstractly; to imagine something that does not yet exist. You will be asked to think concretely; to work with data and information and to make decisions about your business. But most of all, you will be asked to make some REAL decisions. If at any point you decide that this entrepreneurial journey isn’t for you—come and talk to us. Chances are we can talk you off of the ledge;, but if you choose to walk away, understand that everything you’ve learned will still help you on your journey to wherever you’re headed.

Things to Consider

THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. According to Fortune Magazine, nine out of ten startups fail. According to this statistic, you have a higher likelihood of being accepted to an Ivy League school than running a successful business. 


Entrepreneurship can be lonely, difficult, and financially draining. Throughout the course, we will provide check-ins to make sure you’re still about this life. If you aren’t, there’s no shame in it! There will be off-ramps throughout the course allowing you to exit and plan for the future. 


We are committed to creating a space that cultivates a strong sense of community. We are committed to encouraging honesty and transparency throughout the course. Most of all, you must be honest with yourself. We are committed to meeting you where you are and tailoring this course to your style and process.  

Finally, we want you to know that you are not in this alone. The PHKC community of entrepreneurs, educators, creatives, facilitators, and organizers is here to help you along your way.

What You Will Learn

Part 1 - Foundations: Honing in on your entrepreneurial mindset.  You will answer the question “Is now the right time to continue my entrepreneurial journey?”

Part 2 - The Core: Key components of a successful business. You will answer the question “Do I want to open THIS BUSINESS at THIS TIME?”

Part 3 - Really Real: Life beyond the class. You will answer the question “What’s next?”


Additional Components

  • Weekly at home assignments that will move your business forward

  • Savings Challenge: Save $25/week to invest back into your business

  • Speakers who are business and entrepreneurship experts

  • End of course pitch competition


Important Details

  • Course Length: 15 weeks

  • Course Dates: every Tuesday 6PM - 8:30PM from January 25, 2022 - May 3, 2022

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Education, Jahna Riley, at


PHKC's first Small Business Development Cohort Graduation